I have an app that uses the printer names in an ini file. I have one ini file for the whole network. When I upgraded the client to 5.62 I chyanged the printer names to use the shortinstall name and changed the ini file to the short install name. I then upgraded the client to 5.68 and I had to put \\ipp://short install name in the ini file. I am now updating the hp universal print drivers on some of the printers and have upgraded to 5.72 of the iprint client. The new iprint client has reverted back and I have to take the \\ipp:// from the ini file. My problem is I have already updated some of the workstations with the new drivers but as they updated with 5.68 installed they have ipp: in the printer name. How can I force these printers to reinstall as they already have the latest driver and printer profile installed?