I'm trying to configure an outbound connection to a watchguard system on
the net and am getting nowhere fast. (Yes, I'm a VPN newb, hello!)

So far I've tried setting up Microsofts PPTP VPN Windows client to this
external host on both 2K and XP boxes and have gotten the exact same
response. - NADA.

The first thing I tried was dropping the filters to see if I could connect
that way. - No dice. - The next was to blame the external sites vendor
(watchguard). - No dice there either.. hmmmm..

The third was to hook myself up around BM and drop myself into the DMZ. -
DISCO! - We connect just fine. (THERES a clue tho huh?)

So then I poke around and load up VPTUNNEL with (predictably) absolutely no
effect (IPRELAY gives nothing either.) Then I made my sorta-vanilla 3.7 a
master vpn server and dropped the BM3.7 VPN client on an XP workstation and
connected to it from inside just for giggles. WAHLA! - Woo, that was fun,
but ahhhh, I need to get to this OTHER host, you know, out on the net.....???

So WHAT am I missing here?? - What needs to be loaded so that BM3.7 can act
as a gateway and get my end-users connected to this external VPN? Static
NATs or something? - And if so, how the heck do I do that for ... two dozen
end users???

Any/all help GREATLY appreciated!