I have a NetWare 6.5 server that is giving me problems.

At first I thought it was a problem with hardware. I put the drives from the server into an identical server.

The symptoms are the server is turned on from a powered off state, it comes up to the Novell Open Enterprise splash screen, and kind of acts like it hangs. When I was able to switch over to the console screen it gave me a Scheduled "WorkToDo" took over one minute. This error came up every time I restarted the server, anywhere between 1 and 7 times.

The server would start to load modules and run okay for about 15 minutes and then it would throw up a message that the DATA1 volume was deactivated. At this point it is like the server locks up.

I remmed out all the modules that load in autoexec.ncf to see if it was a software problem. When I let the server load with nothing loading, it did the same thing after about 15 minutes.

I tried running nss /verifypool=data1 but it cratered again. When I tried running nss /verifypool=sys it looked like it was going to run, but apparently locked up totally.

Hopefully this will be enough information to get started with. I would really appreciate it if some one had any thoughts on what might be going on.

Thanks for any help!!!