Hi folks,

I'm running into issues when attempting to add an additional domain controller to my existing DSfW domain. The server I'm attempting to setup DSfW on is running SLES10SP4 and I'm using an OES2SP3 CD.

During the Yast config I'm OK right up until the screen that asks for the forest root domain and an existing domain admin user and password. At that screen the "existing domain administrator name" is greyed out, but not populated.

Looking at the y2log reveals this: "... 78 ldap_start_tls: Can't contact LDAP server (-1)"

However, earlier in the log it shows that it was able to contact the LDAP server (for example to verify the tree admin). A packet trace also shows the server merrily communicating with the LDAP server right until the last stage.

This is what the packet trace shows when moving to that last screen:

82.905540 -> CLDAP searchRequest(1) "<ROOT>" baseObject
82.914201 -> CLDAP searchResEntry(1) "<ROOT>" searchResDone(1) success

Any help would be much appreciate. Please let me know if any further info is needed.