Hi all

I am new to GroupWise and NetWare.

I have a NetWare 6.5 sp8 server. Running GW 7.0.1

I have an OES2 new tree in a lab that I have been learning, with a
couple of large nss volumes

I need to backup quickly the GW system so I came across dbcopy

GWserver\MAIL\GWDM is the domain
GWserver\MAIL\GWPO is the Post office ( we have one post office)

H: is old GW driver letter and M: is a new volume I have mapped from the
admin PC

I downloaded the nlmwin version of GW8.0.2HP3 and unzipped it and
grabbed the dbcopy from the admin folder

I ran the following from my adminPC;

dbcopy /v H:\GWDM M:\GWDM.BU

The only folder that went over was WPGATE and a few files from the root
of the domain folder

Is there something I am doing wrong?

thank you for your assistance