Hi all.

I am just looking for peer clarification on the proper method of upgrading a production instance of ZCM 11.0 to 11 SP1a.
Our architecture consists of five primary ZCM 11.0 servers (all virtual under VMWARE vsphere 4.1) all running on SLES 11 SP1 and connecting to a MS SQL 2008 R2 database (running on Windows Server 2008 R2).

After reading through the documentation, I believe that this is how I should proceed:

- Snapshot all five primary servers

- Stop the Zenworks server process on all five primaries (so they cease writing to the database)

- Backup the database

- Take the database out of compatibility mode (which was required for ZCM 11.0)

- Use the ISO to upgrade the first primary server to 11.1a (which should update the database)

- Use the ISO to update the four remaining primary servers.

- Client updates will be handled by ZCM via the updates feature.

Am I incorrect or missing anything? I welcome and wisdom or experience from any gurus or peers that have "been there and done that"
Thanks in advance