Hi everyone,

I've restarted to use Imaging with the 11.2 beta (much more speed) and when I restore a Win7 x64 image sysprepped, when I boot up my client machines, it say "Windows have logged with a temporary profile". I've lost all my icons on desktop, the ones on my basic user profile that I make a autolog. If I go in c:\users, I see the user "TEMP" the one windows log me in..... If I reboot, same issue

I suspected Imaging to restore the Image Safe data but my image have the DONOTRESTOREMASK value in the file restoremask.xml

I tried to clear the image safe data BEFORE restoring an image but no success.....

I'm stocked with this issue, I can't tell techs to use Imaging...

Surely there is something I missed in the image with sysprep but what ? is there other things I need

thank you for your help!