In a multi Primary Server setup, having grouped the Servers we can see one of 3 servers randomly answering PXE request and initiating imaging from scripts = load balancing.

When using Imaging Sat's in front of the Pri's and grouping these as well, what is going to to happen with the content of the $PROXYADDR variable used in our script ?

Does this follow the PXE ?
if it follows PXE, how can proper load balancing with sats be optained in a single broadcast domain ?

or does it follow the Closest Server Rules setup ?

Pre-requisites are that all zmg files are synced (RSYNC) from a master to all other pri's and sat's, and that TFTP replication is also activated - this ensures that imaging content and behavoir is the same no matter which pri or sat a given device hits for imaging ops.

Can anyone shed some light, please ?