Hi there,

maybe anyone can point me in the right direction.

We have a user source configured that is pointing to a novell cluster resource ip on a eDir server.
If we now migrate this cluster resource to another eDir server the client workstations have certification issues when authenticating.
So at the moment the cluster resource can only run on the eDir server that was used when initially installing ZCM.

BUT: the user source is not configured to use SSL, it is configured to use port 389.
When initially installing ZCM we configured using SSL as ZCC did not accept configuring the user source without it.
L8er we did disable the SSL restriction. It seems that this did not work correctly. In ZCC the user source seems to be configured without SSL.
If that were correct, we would not get the certification issue when switching the connection for the eDir to another eDir server (with of cource another certificate).

Does anyone have a clue why we have the certificatiobn issue? ... and how we can get rid of it.

I tried searching the Novell Knowledgebase and the forums but could not find any hint.

Would be great if anybody can help out here?!?!

Regards Andy

PS: At the moment the ZCM server is on build 10.3

Originally we installed ZCM 10 SP1 on Suse Linux 2 years ago.