I'm trying to find a convenient way to manage some software products that have so called "corporate" licenses using ZCM/ZAM 10.3.3. This license kind has no restrictions on a number of installations, users or devices just like installing a VLK-licensed Windows XP on every workstation across the enterprise.

The problem is the following: any type of an Entitlement requires that the number of license quantity is manually set either by using a Purchase Summary Record, or by using a Catalog Product, its Purchase Records and Purchase Details. But there's no such particular number in the real world in fact, license quantity equals to infinity.

So, I may just specify a really huge number of licenses (what about 99999?). But this would be an ugly solution due to some reasons:
1. I would constantly have "Over Licensed" compliance status instead of "Properly Licensed".
2. I would have to keep that in mind to properly assess report results.

I hope I'm not the first to face this kind of problem. Would anyone suggest any elegant solution?