Hi all,

I have tested many different configurations (looking for resolution - broken
C2S VPN after upgrading nw65sp2 to nw65sp3) and it seems that the new server
version of NMAS makes these error. I tried to install only edir8.7.3.6 on
nw65sp2, it requires to install earlier nici267, secupd8 and nmas2.3.8. In
nw65sp3 nmas2.3.7 is included, on nw65sp2 - nmas2.3.4. I tried to install
all these products selective:
1) nici2.6.7 - vpn works good
2) secupd8 - vpn works good
3) nmas2.3.8 - vpn stops working (only "all users" polices works in trafiic
and authentication rules, "specified user list" doesn't)
BM38sp3_IR1 doesn't help, makes only more errors.
On client I have NMAS
How long will we wait for another patch ?? Not "beta" again I hope. I can't
backrev to earlier configuration.