Petri has a great post on "Anti Virus Exclusion Guidelines for Microsoft Products", so I was wondering if someone has posted similar for Novell/NetIQ/SuSE products? I found a few mentions for ZCM (that specially mention symantec), but what of all the other products?

Symantec Anti Virus exclusions for ZENworks 10 or 11
Recommended ZCM Anti-Virus Exclusions

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GroupWise 8 Support Pack 2 (would be nice to have a TID on this, perhaps a little more specific)

Found some other TIDS, but they are mostly one-off fixes instead of "this is everything for %product% that needs to be added to an antivirus exclusion list".

Been around enough to know that the ZCM exclusions really do make a difference, would be nice to see the rest of the product line.