Hello all,

I got iManager 2.0.2 finally working on my workstation and I thought I
was in the clear until this. I'm trying to setup a C2S but Authgw and
IKE do not load on the server. Tried stopVPN and startVPN but both
won't load. Tried to manually load them, get a unresolved response on
For authgw, we are getting "Loader cannot find public symbol:
VPN_ACLCheck for module AUTHGW.NLM"
For IKE, we get four "Loader cannot find public symbol"
We have extended and rextended the schema using TID 10095747
We have verified that CA is working properly.
We have recreated objects relating to VPN.
TCPIP.NLM is 6.20.10 (Domestic) NICI Enabled

Server is
NW 6.0sp5 with BM 3.8sp3
eDir 8.6.2