I know there have been previous threads about this, but they have gone nowhere or have no solution for me. I have checked the network provider order, I have no adobe products installed, and have done the enablelinkedconnections in the registry. None of the computers have had their named changed and run login scripts synchronously gpo hasn't worked either.

I have the latest netware on the server and client ir7 on most workstations, but have also tried ir9a on a few and the login script just won't run. I've done a complete boot log with process explorer, resulting in thousands of lines and I can't see any problem. I have no idea why the login script is not running upon login, so my users have to go to the nwtray and choose novell login once at the desktop to get the drives mapped. Novell authentication appears to work fine however.

All my windows xp stations work however.

Please help!