Amazon just announced that if you own a Kindle "device" and are a Prime Member
you can borrow books. From what I see though it's one book a month. So, I will
have my Kindle Fire in my hands later this month, but I was not sure I would
keep it - I wanted to test it, and then perhaps gift it for Christmas - heehee.
I'm trying to see if there is any real reason to keep it just for the sake of
one free book a month.

Hmmmm. Most books I purchase are in the $6.00 range, and due to this site - I find PLENTY of free books to
read. I'm trying to see how ONE free book a month makes anyone want to get a
Kindle JUST for this. I can see how those who 1) have a Kindle and 2) already
have Amazon Prime will see this as a nice benefit (just as I saw adding
streaming movies to my Amazon Prime account as a benefit, but probably not
something I would have paid for its own sake).

Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

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