Hi All

We have an old network that has all the legacy systems. There is a new
network being built by the networking guys in parralell with the legacy.
The plan is to transition users to the new network (new IPs etc), but
to all be prebuilt before doing so. So that go live weekend is data
transfer etc

I've been asked to figure out a way to move all the GW users to the new
network on a new OES2 server with new tree that has a fresh new GW 8
installation, no users but "test" users

I have been researching and reading as much as I can.

What is the best way to do this?

Should I archive all the emails then on the new edir create the users
(changing loginIDs apparently) and change those FIDs to the old ones and
then I can "import" the archives? (ie JSMITH with FID 1c3 on old legacy
edir/gw going to go to SMITHJ which i will change FID to 1c3 on new edir/GW)

Its a bit of a mess but trying to see what I can do with what i have to
work with