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Thread: Zenworks Server could not be located

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    Zenworks Server could not be located


    we have a Problem to rollout a bundle the Error Message:

    ActionMan.CouldNotLocateServer --> Bundle-Inhalt fr kopieren konnte nicht heruntergeladen werden, da kein ZENworks-Server gefunden wurde.

    We Use ZCM 10.3.3

    At first I thought its a problem with my Bundle so I make it a few times new in Other Variations. But Everytime when we want to rollout the Bundle we became the Error Message.

    We use Zcm 10.3.3 still 2 weeks before we have the Version 10.3.1

    I hope somebody can help us.

    Thanks a lot and sorry about my very bad english ;-)




    In the LAN inside our zentral agency the bundle run perfect the error comes only in external agencys. We have round about 90, they are still connected over vpn in our zentral agency
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