we are using ZCM 11 Sp1 and i installed an additional satellite server
(SLES11 Sp1) in one location. This satellite is configured for content
replication. There seems to be a problem with content replication on
this server. The content-repo on our primary servers (including images)
has a size of 132GB at this time. When the content is replicated to the
satellite this server runs out of disk space. This server has an overall
capacity of 180 GB (and no other apps except OS installed), so the
replication should work without disk-space-problems.
I looked on the satellite: In the tmp-dir (/tmp) there are some files
like "zen_1216813030237948860.tmp" which grow up to 2.4 GB. I'm not sure
why these files are created. How much disk space should be available for
content replication?
The problem started after i ticked "Included" for the pair
Satellite-Primary under "Configuration -> Satellite Server Replication
-> Satellite Server replication Status"
I did this because not all the required bundles were available on the
Is the satellite server working correct or may be there something wrong?

Kind regards,