Hello we have a mixture of NetWare/OES2SP3 servers in my customers environment, within this environment we have IDM, which is running a simple eDir-to-eDir driver for the vault, and then an eDir-to-Active Directory drive from the vault to AD. Just wanted to provide a background for you.

What the customer is experiencing is that a core group of users seems to be getting locked out of their computers several times during the day. The users are using the 4.91 SP5 client, connecting to either an older NetWare server, or in some cases we have forced them to connect to the master server (which is an OES2SP3 server) but yet still during random times of the day their accounts are locked. We have tried several things, from replacing NIC cards, to even giving them different machines, yet they still are experiencing the issue. This is not an Enterprise wide issue as of now, it does seem to be remaining on these couple of users but we would like to be able to get some type of handle on the "why's" of what is happening.

1.) What types of troubleshooting can we start doing to isolate perhaps one reason why the user is locked out?

2.) According to the check of C1 the user was locked out by their workstation, would there be any reason why their own workstation would have locked them out?

3.) There is a plan being formulated to decommission the older NetWare servers could there be anything that would be locking them out because of speed between the NetWare and OES2SP3 servers?

Thank you,