All of our users are in the same GroupWise system (8.0.2 HP2 on SLES 11 SP1 64-bit). We have a distribution list that currently contains a little over 19,000 students. The students are divided up on four dedicated post office servers (they are limited access accounts using WebAccess). When I send a message to a single student the message size is 1.5 KB. When I send the same message to the distribution list, either HTML or Plain Text, the message size increases to 3.5 MB. Since everyone is on the same system we do not get the MIME attachments added. I have verified that whatever is happening is a result of the distribution list. I created a smaller distribution list of 20 users and sent the message again. This time the message size was 6 KB (still an increase). Participation within the list doesn't seem to matter.

Does anyone have any ideal as to what is actually happening? This is a concern as the student GroupWise accounts have limited space and these distirbution list messages are sent several times a day.

Phil Arnold
University of Central Arkansas