My Zen 7 server randomly stopped storing inventory data in the sybase database. I see a bunch of .str files in \ZENworks\Inv\ScanDir\DbDir. Looking at the logs, I see that storer is having trouble loading the database driver

[11/7/11 17:55:59.010] ZENInv - Storer: DB Driver Load Failed
com.novell.zenworks.desktop.inventory.storer.Datab aseException: DB Driver Load Failed
at com.novell.zenworks.desktop.inventory.storer.Datab aseOperator.<init>(
at com.novell.zenworks.desktop.inventory.storer.MainT

I checked \ZENworks\Inv\server\lib and it appears that the .jar files are in there per the solution in this article

Anything else that I can try?