I have a problem with one S2S VPN server out of 3 in the same tree.
It takes one of the servers 10-15 minutes to get the tunnel running,
while the other 2 attaches immediatley.

It is somewhat a special case, as the S2S servers public NIC is on the
same IP net (they will be moved one by one later). So I tried verifying
the connections by pinging the servers from each other, and the servers
behind them.

One thing that puzzles me when I do a NETMON trace on the server, is that
all known IP addresses on the 192.xxx.105.x net is routed through the VPN
tunnel, and not through the Public network. The public addresses are
registered routeable Internet addresses, but there is a network on the
Public side, that is used for other purposes.

When I ping the default gateway at 192.xxx.105.1, it goes out as ICMP
packages on the Public NIC, but if I ping 192.xxx.105.3 from
192.xxx.105.4, it goes through the tunnel.
The only protected networks, is the 10.X.X.X networks. Should'nt my ping
go out as ICMP packages to 192.xxx.105.3 instead of trying the tunnel?
This is a problem when VPN server 2 is 10-15 minutes on setting up it's
tunnel, as all time synchronization is halted until the tunnel goes up.

VPN server 1:
Public: 192.xxx.105.3 (
Internal: (

VPN server 1:
Public: 192.xxx.105.4

VPN server 1:
Public: 192.xxx.105.5

VPN: "Full Mesh" and "Both sides can initiate"

Is it at all possible to do S2S VPN on the samme net?