We are trying to implement client-less logins for our students and I'm encountering a problem that I can't resolve.

I have an NSS volume that is shared through CIFS. On this volume, I have a folder called std which contains all of our students' folders. There are roughly 20,000 folders in total.

I can map to the share and go directly to my test user's folder. Here I can see all of the files and do whatever I want with them. The problem I have is if I try to drill down to this folder instead of going directly to it. (ie: open Windows Explorer, click on my mapped drive then click on the std folder). The hourglass spins and spins then I get an error saying that "the specified network name is no longer available".

Just for testing purposes, I created a second volume and recreated the same folder structure but only moved 6 folders instead of the 20,000. I can drill down to it and see all of the 6 folders right away.

If I use the NW client to connect, I can drill down and see my folders. It's a bit slow but at least I'm seeing the expected results. It's only when connecting through CIFS that I get the errors.

I have ran the online update and it has nothing new to update so I'm assuming that I am all patched up. I checked the log files and they are not reporting any errors. I'm pretty sure that it's only a tuning issue but I cannot find any information that tells me what to tune. I have gone through the NSS tuning guide and adjusted the cache buffer values as suggested but it hasn't helped.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Laurentian University