Hey Guys,

We are mid SAN migration, somone has kindly pointed out, that as well as the NSS volumes we had hosted on the old SAN (which we have now migrated) also running off the old SAN is DHCP and more scarily the split brain for our cluster (3 nodes oes2sp2 sles10 sp3).

I've found the following link which frightenenly makes moving the split brain look fairly straight forward:

How to move Novell Cluster Services SBD partition in OES2 Linux

but I have a couple of questions:

1. can anyone point me to a best practices for moving DHCP, there are loads of docs on going from NW to OES2, but nothing on just relocating it to different storage.

2. Is there any order I should be doing the migration? is there anything that is going to catch me out?

Thanks Guys