We have a Novell server environment, and Groupwise is on a separate Linux server system. Users log into the Novell server, and then log into the Groupwise server to access e-mail.

Right now, we do not have an archiving path set up/defined--we have not officially rolled out Groupwise yet (next week). I am struggling on where to put the archives. They cannot go on the local user's hard drive since the desktops are not backed up (company policy is anything that has to do with the business at hand is only stored on the network in designated locations). The current e-mail is archived on the Netware server where the current(old) e-mail program runs. That server however, is old and also running out of disk space.

Is there a way to have the mail archived to the Groupwise server without the user having a user account on that server? I assume
not since it would need to be a drive mapping somewhere, and they do not have any drives mapped on the Linux box.

Archiving outside (3rd party) is not an option at this time, so....any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks in advance,