I have finally got a web server running with suse10 and oes2. It is connected to our tree and and stores our faculty/student files for online education, everything seems to be working well. I have created a php login script to work with mysql. But my problem is this, our school currently has our faculty/student files stored off site for our online classes. But this provider charges alot for their on site storage (about 15,000 for 500 gb) I have to move the content off of their server and onto our server. We will still host our online training to the current provider, but the files will be stored on our server. What I need to do is when they click on a link on the off site server to access the file on our server that they have to type in a password to access that file. I can do this but they will be given a list of filles they can access. Our school simply wants them to click the link and they type in a password and they get the file. I have been looking at many different methods in doing this in php but the cache is always flushed when the php page is accessed and the best I can get is the folder they wish to access.