Hi All,

I know there have been some other people with issues regarding the Admin password after upgrading, but, this one is different.

I have tried TID 7005393 without any success. I have restored my keystore file without success.

2011-11-09 02:41:19,248 WARN [http-8080-2] [org.kablink.teaming.module.authentication.impl.Aut henticationModuleImpl] - Authentication failure for zone 1: org.springframework.security.BadCredentialsExcepti on: Bad credentials; nested exception is org.kablink.teaming.security.authentication.Passwo rdDoesNotMatchException: Password does not match for user [kablink,admin]

Server is Sles10sp4.

I even changed the user name in the mysql database SS_principals table to test, and it doesn't see the change.

In the "sitescape" database; should the ldapGuid be NULL for admin? it isn't for other users.