Hello all,

we have a BM3.8 VPN Server protecting a company network (192.168.0.x). The company LAN consists of a NW 6.5SP3 Fileserver and a W2K3 box, used as a Terminalserver. The BM box sits in a DMZ. Users can authenticate and connect fine to the Windows and NW Box using the 3.8.9 Windows client. So everything looks set up well and seems to be working fine.

Now here is the tricky bit:

Users connecting from a 192.168.not 0.x home LAN can connect fine. But if i try to connect from an 192.168.0.x home Lan (pretty much standard setup), its only partly working. I can authenticate to the VPN server, but i can only reach the Netware box, e.g. i can ping the Netware server, authenticate to the nds, get my drive mappings, open and browse the files.But i cant ping the windows box and cannot connect to it.

If it were not possible - as some knowledgable people tell me - to C2S from a 192.168.0.x home Lan to a 192.168.0.x company Lan, why the heck can i connect to the Netware server? It should not be reachable, if this was true.

But if this is not the case (and wasn't this a limitation that has been overcome by the BM 3.8 Version?), what can i do to connect to the windows box?

Well, a simples and straightforward solution would be to change the home lan's subnet and require users not to use a 192.168.0.x subnet. But since it is almost working perfectly, i'd hate to do that....

Any ideas? Thank you very much.