Good morning,

My customer has been slow to update the SLES10SP3 servers with the latest and greatest of patches. However; they have now started doing so (as of last night), the systems have been updated with the SLES10SP3/OES2SP3 patches, but they are still seeing some issues.

1.) rcnamcd - does not load automatically, when an rcnamcd status is run after the node is restarted you are getting the "unused" message rcnamcd status Dead , I have been told that this is indeed set to 3 and 5, anything I can check to see why this is not loading?

2.) rcnovell-nss - does not load at startup, when performing an rcnovell-nss status after start-up showing as unused. When you restart the NSS novell-ncs status and novell-bcc both seem to start and the node will rejoin the cluster.

I have TID 7008446 for the namcd though not sure this is really affecting the Cluster node(s), is there anything that can assist in trying to determine why these products are not starting as they should?

Thank you,