I see from the forums and Novell documentation I can perform a offline and online upgrade to goto SLES10SP4 / OES2SP3 from SLES10SP3/OES2SP2.
Now everyone seems to recommend the offline option. I have an internal SMT and source build server, PXE with data available over NFS.
To perform an offline upgrade do I need the SLES10SP4 DVD to boot from then point at my source server as per Novell Docs, or can I just PXE Boot the server and perform an upgrade from the source server ?

I currently build servers via PXE boot to the source.

The server architecture will remain 32 bit through this process. Also, as I have a RDAC (qlogic-fibre-SAN) module linked to the kernel version, I have never patched the orginal OES2SP2 build. Going forward I intend to lock the kernel version and start patching the server.

The server is currently used my our MACS (AFP) if this makes a difference.