Hi all,

Here in my Company, we have a NBM 3.8 SP3 IR2 running on a NW65SP2. It is
our proxy and VPN server.

We have just C2S configured, and it works fine after rebooting the server
but, some hours later, VPN just stop reading traffic rules that have a user
list specified on it.

Here is the settings:
Authentication rules: Just one, allowing everyone to log in;
Traffic Rules (at the same sequence that they appear on iManager):
- 1 rule that allow access to all network resources for selected users;
- 1 rule that allow access to two Terminal Servers for other selected users;
- 1 rule that allow access to two servers running specific services for all

* All traffic rules are defined for USER objects only;

As said before, the VPN connection works fine after the server startup but,
some hours later, it starts to show NMAS error FFFFF98C during
authentication. When it happens, I stop VPN (stopvpn.ncf) and run a full
repair with DSREPAIR. when it is finished and all servers are synchronized,
I try to connect again.
At this point, the authentication works fine, but just the rule defined for
all users is read. If I run STOPBRD and RESET SERVER, when the server is
online again the VPN works fine again.

Some hours later it bugs again.

Please, if somebody has the answer for this problem, tell me.