I'm setting up a new SLES10/OES2 server, and something is very wrong
with the network configuration, which I believe is causing edir
configuration to fail in trying to add this server to my existing
(Netware server) tree.

I have two sites, in separate cities, and my master is in the other city
from where I'm adding the new server. It appears that all the replicas
in this city are read-only (not sure why it's set up that way, seems
right but I didn't set up that part.)

When I bring up the server, I can ping and reach any system on the local
LAN, for that city. But unlike every other machine attached to that
LAN, I can't reach any of the machines in the other city (where the
master is), not even by ping ("Destination host unreachable".) I have a
high-speed ethernet link between the cities, but no active firewall,
just a router with that connection wide open. So virtually anything
that I plug into that LAN can usually automatically see the other city's

So my thought is that it is the network card configuration on the new
server, that somehow it's blocking that connection.

The local LAN is 10.10.20.x with subnet mask of, as all my
servers there show, and gateway of (the router.) The
remote LAN is 10.10.10.x with router at

I have tried disabling the firewall on the new server, and tweaking just
about every settting I can, but I still can't reach the other city
(machines at 10.10.10.x) yet can reach every computer on the local
10.10.20.x LAN, as well as no problems getting to the internet.

So where to look? Other than the firewall, I can't see what to
re-configure to make this work, can't see what is blocking that
connection, but at this point I feel sure that it is on the server itself.

Thanks for any suggestions. I have never before had problems
configuring such a fundemantal level of networking, but this is the
first OES server I'm doing (not first Linux, though) and I can't believe
that this is stopping me cold.

-- DE