I'm trying to set up CIFS on a NW 6.5SP8 server. When I configure CIFS in iManager (on the CIFS server) it seems to go through the motions, ie I can set it up and create share points, but if I do a 'CIFS Info' on the console it doesn't recognize that there are any share points created.
If I use iManager from a different server I get the error 'This user does not have the correct credentials to authenticate to the CIMOM client' when I try to open the CIFS server. I'm using our standard admin user who has full rights to the network. I've checked the certificates on both servers and they are all in date and 'valid'. Does anybody have any suggestions?

I don't know if this makes any difference but, the iManager on the 'CIFS' server is version 2.5.20051102 and on the rest of our servers (they are all NW 6.5SP8 and should therefore all be of the same standard!) it is 2.7.2.? Should I upgrade to a newer version of iManager on the Cifs server? I've installed iManager workstation on my pc and I get the 'CIMOM' error on this to!

Many thanks in advance.