I am trying to get remote control running on a test iMac. The agent is installed (after Simon filled me in on the ROOT issue)

The agent installation stated that it completed successfully and appears to be running - I can use the icon to check properties - shows the proper zone and server(s).

The iMac has a fixed IP address and the firewall is NOT running.

However, when I open the machine in the server console the "Unable to connect to the agent service through the IP Address or DNS."


Although I tried to give it a try I also cannot remote control the machine and get an "Unable to Connect" error, which of course makes sense given that the server is unable to communicate with the device.

Any ideas as to where to start on this? Is there some service that may not be running that should be or what?

Unfortunately I am NOT an expert on Mac's so I may need some hand-holding to troubleshoot this...