I have 2 VPN's setup one a Sonicwall and the other is BM38. I need to
access one of my servers from both VPN's. The sonicwall is the default
route. I added a static route to the server that allows remote access
through the BM but only when using the backward compatibility mode.
NMAS will not work. Also I need to know the client's subnet and the
subnet has to be unique for the route to work.

I believe I should be able to use the VPN subnet for this route and
disregard the clients subnet. Is this correct?

Also when I connect via NMAS I only get the first 3 octets of the vpn
ip. Craigs book shows the full ip displayed in the client.

I am only using the admintoall and inettoall rules for now.

Thanks for any input. I have until monday to resolve this.