GW802HP3, backend platform doesn't matter (i.e. same behaviour on SLES and NetWare), client platform XP / W7:

When working on a shared address book in folder view there seems to be a limit of 9064 entries before you get d107 errors. This does not happen for the owner, and also never when working in the address book application. Steps to dupe:
- userA creates a personal address book and populates it with 9064 entries (contacts, organizations... doesn't matter)
- userA shares the book with userB (rights granted are not relevant)
- userB opens the book from the contacts folder and clicks some character from the list on the right -> everything works fine
- someone with write rights adds another entry to the book
- userB quits and restarts the client, performs the same operation as before -> d107
- someone deletes an entry from the book, resulting in the total number of entries being <=9064 again
- userB quits and restarts the client, performs the same operation as before -> sun starts shining

As mentioned there are no issues for the owner himself in folder view and no issues for anyone in the address book app. unfortunately the latter has a pretty nasty bug in its filtering function ("contains" behaves just like "starts with") which essentially forces some customers to the folder view.

Is this a known issue (GW2012 behaves like GW8, btw)? If anyone's willing to test i'll happily share an addressbook (random data) or the corresponding "random addressbook generator script" :-)
forgot to mention: i've built a dedicated system for working on this, .i.e. freshly built from scratch, no "real" users or similar interfering stuff.