OK, I'm new to SUSE. Reading all the docs I'm confused. I'm going to use the transfer ID tool to take our server and migrate it to a new server. Where I'm stuck is where to start with the initial load. The server I'm migrating also has Groupwise on it. I've read that you need to move Groupwise to the new server and THEN do a transfer ID. Problem is, how do I do that first? I'm stuck with do I load SUSE 10 with it's own IP and name and then load the OES disk? It looks like the transfer ID doesn't really install edirectory fully so how could I transfer Groupwise? Not sure on the exact software load sequence. Doesn't seem to be documented well. I fully understand, from what I read, how to use the transfer tools. Seems straight forward..

The old netware server has: Master replica, DA, iprint, iFolder, Groupwise 8, NSS volumes, file shares.