Major issue,,

We had a VPN site with 3 nodes in 3.7,
initialy an upgrade to 3.8 with the legacy option was working
fine. But,, when we started to create a "non-legacy" VPN to move these
servers to,, it wiped the 3.7/legacy VPN from the master completly when
abending during the iManager creation of the new VPN.

After that,, we off course didn't have any VPN,
so,, we'll do it the hard way instead,, or at least, that's what we

All servers were in the same TREE, even though it was partitioned.
Right now,, without any VPN up'n'running, creating a VPN site-2-site with
3.8 when the servers are supposed to be in the same tree doesn't seem to
work. On the master it might be ok, but trying on one of the slaves, it
fail's every time when trying to do the initial part in iManage where it's
supposed to create the TRC and the server certificate.

Any ideas "how"...??

Even got the BM book's but it doesn't help...