NW6.0.5, eDir
tcp610l.exe (domestic)
NBM3.8 SP3 + SP3_IR1 with 2Mbit leased line, no NAT router to the Pub

bm3xvpn9.exe VPN Client for aDSL home office users.
Client OS: WinNT/Win2000/WinXP with the latest NWClients full patched
(4.83sp3pka / 4.91.0pka+gina3)

The C2S speed seems to be all right for all but copying files TO the
LAN of the BM server's site.

Login speed VPN is ok. NW Loginscript is processed fast. Browsing
through the folders on the LAN's NWSERVER's is fast. Downloading files
FROM the LAN to the C2S Clients starts for just ONE second at
reasonable speed, drops to zero and then every 2 seconds shows a speed
of 2kb/s, dops again to zero, 2k / 0 / 2k / ..., then the explorer at
some point tells, that the folder is no more available. Klicking that
one again, <F5> *DOES* refresh the folders contents immediately (good

FTP up and download is giving optimum speeds up and down.

PINGing to the PubIP of the VPN PubIP of that BM with 4096 bytes shows
several drops at a varieing percentage at different times: 1% to 15%.
Pinging to an internal IP through the VPN tunnel doesn't show a higher
drop rate.

Any ideas where to dig next?

Regards, Rudi.