Have a question about the migration steps/functionality.
For the second time I try to use the migration tool without success migrating customers zenworks from zw7 to zcm10.3.x.
The migration fails because it can't find attributes like appFlags etc. Those attributes can't be found in and it's eDir 8.8... something so the version is pretty new.
We already search with LDAPBrowser without success, those attributes can't be found.
This is the second time that the attributes mentioned in the requirement part in the install documentation does'nt agree. We use a win7 logged in against zw7 environment true the Novellclient and also against ZCM zone, no problem with the auth against both environments. But migration of any kind, bundles, policys.

The first time we did the migration manually by creating everything fresh new, that will be done this time also but I still wonder for future reasons!

Any experiance of the migration tool and if you guys got it to work?