I hope I can explain my problem coherently.

We have moved from ZDM7 to ZCM 11 and have managed to work our way through most issues more or less successfully. However we have some applications/installations that are currently still on our old application servers (netware servers) and for a variety of reasons we can't migrate them just yet, if at all.

We are trying to create a bundle that will launch setup.exe from the application server. We've tried setting a launch executable with the UNC path, both under Action:Install and Action:Launch but so far without any success.

We need this bundle to run as secure system as our users don't have the privilege to install applications and we wanted to associate the bundle to devices. This hasn't worked, possibly because the devices are registered in ZCM and e-directory has no knowledge of them. We have also tried associating the bundle to a standard user, but keeping the run as secure system setting - but still no luck.

We've tried setting the schedule to device boot, user login and device refresh.

Has anybody any ideas as to why this isn't working or any suggestions as to what else we could try?

We are using ZCM 11 on Windows Server 2008
Windows 7 x64 SP1 workstations
User source is e-directory - 8.8 sp4
External Application server is netware - 6.5sp8

Colette Monaghan