Hey guys. We migrated off ZCM 10 this summer for SCCM. Terrible move - I wont get into it. Im going to improve user experience with ZCM 11, hopefully, and switch around Christmas time, as seamlessly as possible. Big move, I know, but we need to get off SCCM and Ive worked with zen since v4 so Im familiar with it all. I think itll be a fairly straight migration actually, being the optimistic person I am.

Im about to start building the primary server on a windows server. I have been reading the documentation to be sure everything is good in regards to that. Im looking for helpful hints that anybody can throw out here to get this server to run as best as possible. We need this to run flawlessly (or close to!).

We run Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. The primary server will use an external SQL Server 2008 R2 server for its DB. We have 8 locations, three connected via fiber and the rest with 300Mbps point to point wireless connections. We are AD. Approx 5k users and 2200 workstations total. Im thinking one (maybe two for failover) primary server(s) at our datacenter with 5 distribution points for the remote sites.

Our main requirements for this are remote management, application depoyment, patch mgmt and "as little touching as possible" imaging. I will be disabling the other services not needed - Inventory, etc.

Any helpful hints, tweaks to consider or "gotch-yas" that you know of would be greatly appreciated. I plan on rolling this out with ZCM 11 SP1.