Hello All,

I wanted to see if the community might be able to help me find an easier way to accomplish what I am trying to do.

We have a Non-Groupwise domain setup in eDirectory to hold all of our contacts that we send through an email to fax service. All of them are setup as Gatway Aliases through GWIA that is a phone number followed by @thefaxservice.com. We are changing fax services so all that needs to be changed is the domain portion of the Gateway Alias on all of the contacts.

Ideally I would actually like to "copy" all of the contacts and make new ones in a different Non-Groupwise domain. That way we have the contacts setup with the new service but can fall back to the old service if needed. I tried playing with the GWimport.exe tool in ConsoleOne but could not get it to work. When I clicked Import or Export nothing happened even though they are not greyed out. We can just create them one by one but that would be very time consuming.

I appreciate any ideas.