I know this was supposed to be fixed in the September maintenance release for DSfW, and it appeared to have been, at least for a while. Has anyone else seen the problem with looking up a computer by SID (required for Citrix products and probably quite a few others to work) returning errors again? I can't get my XenDesktop broker running, and some debug logging reveals that when it tries to look up the SID to verify it, it's getting either "A local error has occurred" or "A device attached to the system is not functioning" in Windows, I haven't been able to find any errors on the OES side to coincide with that.

I checked that it does seem to have the SID in the computer object of eDirectory but it refuses to return it from a search. I've found nothing constructive in the logs, checked everything is patched, rebooted, still nothing. Can't even find anything helpful in NDSTrace about what it's looking for that it can't find. However, it does seem to work fine for authentication purposes.

I don't want to re-apply the old FTF I got to fix it in the first place as those files are probably no longer good. Anyone see this, and hopefully have resolved it?