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    2 Odd Issues

    We've recently rolled out GW Mobility to our iPad users and have been pleased with the results for the most part. I've noticed 3 oddities and wanted to get clarification as to whether or not they can be remedied.

    For reference, we are using the Mobility and Groupwise connectors version v1.1.0.2185 build 315 along with Groupwise 8.

    First, I've noticed that if a user sends a message from the iPad to another internal user, the subject line of the message is blank in the recipient's Groupwise client inbox. However, if the recipient actually opens the message, the subject is visible. Additionally, the subject line is only blank if the user views the message from the Groupwise client or Web Access. Viewing the message from another iPad shows the subject line.

    Second, while searching the Novell Groupwise address book in the Contacts application and while composing an e-mail, the e-mails returned for users are the fully qualified internal e-mail addresses; ie, instead of returning zlloyd@ourdomain.com, the address is zlloyd.ourpostoffice.ourgroupwisedomain@ourdomain. com. Is this normal?

    Lastly, the instructions here (IPad 4.X - CoolSolutionsWiki) state that during setup of the iPad, in the "e-mail" field, you should simply enter your full name and an "@" isn't necessary. We've found that this is OK if e-mail is sent internally, but if a user sends an e-mail to an external user, the reply address becomes whatever the user entered into that field. So, if my real e-mail address is zlloyd@ourdomain.com, and I just entered my name in that field, the reply address for an external e-mail becomes MyName@ourdomain.com, which is incorrect. We have remedied this issue by instructing users to just enter their e-mail address into that field, despite what the instructions say.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance provided!
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