I am trying to migrate some 30,000 folders from an NSS volume on NW 6.5 SP5 server to an NSS volume on a server running OES2 SP3 on SLES 10 SP4.

Using the miggui from the OES server, I can authenticate to both servers, and select File System as the service to be migrated. Both servers show up in the list and I can expand the folders and select what I want to migrate. Now here's where I'm getting stuck: I select a subset (say 1,000 folders) and drag them to the destination. Once I let go the mouse, it sits there for hours. If I look at the target destination, a folder appears once every few minutes. What did I forget to turn on/configure in order to get this to speed up???

I saw a message that said to increase the cache values for the TSA on the source. I tried that and it didn't help. However, I'm assuming that the TSA only gets used when you actually migrate the data and not during the pre-copy checks.

Any help is appreciated!

Laurentian University