Last weds, 5/9/11 we patch our well running DataSync server to 579 after we patched the OS to the current patch level, after a reboot we are seeing the following

1. High Processor Utilization, looks like python is running away, the CPU will be spiked at 90-95% for long periods of time.

2. High Memory Utilization, "postmaster" and "python" multiple threads are sitting as high users in the "top" program.

Curiously gnome-system-monitor does not show the high processor utilization or the high memory utilization. top and SNMP do. Memory utilization will gradually creep up from a baseline of approx 2GB until is reaches 8gb. Eventually mail slows down and we had one user states that his devices behaved like we has issued a "reinit user" command (all mail disappeared and slowly reappeared even after a full power cycle.

any ideas? memory leak? something borked in the last round of OS updates?