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Regione Toscana chose Novell Identity Manager for a simple way to manage more than 3,000 user accounts, and comply with Italian privacy laws.

About Regione Toscana
Regione Toscana, in the centre of Italy, provides local government services to some 3.7 million citizens. The region's ten provinces include world-famous cities such as Florence, Siena and Pisa, attracting more than 10 million tourists annually.

Managing the user accounts for some 3,000 employees across numerous systems placed a heavy workload on the Regione Toscana technical team. User identity information was held in different databases managed by different people. Each application or service had its own database, which sometimes ran the risk of not being up-to-date and therefore containing inconsistent data. As a result, identity management was complicated, time-consuming and potentially error-prone.

When users moved office or left the organisation, there was a risk that the relevant databases would not be updated and that leaving users would retain access to sensitive information. Italian privacy law requires all employers to meet minimum standards to protect sensitive personal information and data.

Regione Toscana set itself four key objectives: to simplify identity management and service provisioning; to improve security through better password management and easier removal of users; to standardise systems and the handling of personal data; and to cut administration, provisioning and ongoing operational costs.

Novell Solution
Regione Toscana entered into an agreement with Novell to implement Novell Identity Manager. The implementation was supported by Net Studio, a Novell Business Partner specialising in identity and security management solutions.

Regione Toscana deployed Novell Identity Manager in a two-phase programme. First of all, the central LDAP server was synchronised in real time with user information from each system involved in the project. Once a complete and standardised record for all users had been created, authentication services for local systems were redirected to this shared store. Subsequently, a trusted network of federated systems was established, that allows an authenticated user to gain access to the appropriate services based on their identity.

Novell Identity Manager enables Regione Toscana to grant or revoke user access to all or specified systems based on updates to a single, standardised identity record, allowing the organisation to enforce and demonstrate compliance with security policies and legal requirements.

The modular nature of Novell Identity Manager has enabled Regione Toscana to take a staged approach to implementation, and the solution so far covers more than 20 core systems. Novell Identity Manager synchronises recorded digital identities on SMTP servers, existing LDAP servers and in DB2 databases. In addition the solution handles password synchronisation, enforces strong authentication procedures, and requires positive approval of new account creation and role assignments, with a full audit trail.