Situation: Clustered volumes on a 100% OES2 Linux SP3 Tree.

On a clustered volume on ConsoleOne we can see a number of directories (sensible user generated names FINANCE, OPPS etc). We *cannot* right click on these and do properties, but they appear to exist as far as ConsoleOne is concerned. ConsoleOne thinks these are empty folders.

However, on the NCP volume from a Windows client these folders do not exist (are simply not there). They do not exist on a AFP or SMB shares. They also do not exist as root on the server looking in /media/nss/VOLUMENAME which I would take to be the definitive test.

It appears that ConsoleOne and the filesystem do not quite agree.

Can anybody explain why this might happen and if it is possible to rectify?

We cannot delete these phantom directories on ConsoleOne so it appears as though it is somehow out of sync.

Any ideas? Is ConsoleOne simply now no longer supported and apt to do strange things these days?

Many thanks in advance,