Who can help me?

In iManager I can see the tab "Drivers" only when i do a browse (via the TAB "View Objects")
When i use the "normal" way via roles and tasks i don't see the drivers tab.

What's wrong, i also have already applied the TID 7005152 and 7005243.
I have installed 2 differen OS (SLES10SP3-- SLES10SP4-- OES2SP2 -- OES2SP3), try different plugins, iManager 2.7.2 on the server, 2.7.4 on the server, 2.7.4 on the local workstation.
Al tips i found in the forums and on the knowledged base will not help.

Please, who can help me?

PS: how can i show an image in the forums, I capture an images, past it here but the preview will not show the image, only caracters.